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Do I need to pay tuition fees in Finland?

Tuition fees

The answer to this depends on the level of your studies, and also on the porgramme you're interested in.
In Bachelor’s or Doctoral level programmes, the higher education institutions will not charge tuition fees.
Several Master’s level programmes are free of charge as well, however, some Master's may charge tuition fees from non-EU/EEA students. (NB: Erasmus Mundus Master’s programmes always charge a tuition fee – see section ‘Erasmus Mundus scholarships’ for information on Erasmus Mundus Master’s and related scholarships)
Remember that even if the programme you're applying to does not charge tuition fees, you still need to plan your finances so that you'll be able to independently cover youreveryday living expenses during your studies in Finland.

How much does a fee-charging Master's cost per year?

Currently, 8000 euros per year is the average annual tuition fee in those Master's programmes that charge fees. However, depending on the programme, the annual fee can be different from this average amount (currently, the tuition fees vary between the range from 2500 euros to 12 000 euros per year).
The exact amount of the annual tuition fee depends on the programme, so please check this directly with the university you're interested in!

Which Master’s programmes charge tuition fees?

In selected English-language Master's degree programmes it is possible for the Finnish higher education institutions to charge tuition fees from non-EU/EEA nationals during afive-year trial period 2010–2014. Depending on the programme, tuition fees may be collected starting from autumn 2010, 2011 or 2012.
The inclusion of a Master's programme in the above lists only indicates the possibility of a tuition fee; each institution decides independently whether or not they collect tuition fees in their programmes. Therefore, it is important that you always check the tuition fee policy for each Master's programme separately, either from the institution's own web site or from CIMO's study programmes database.
You will not be charged any tuition fee, if you are
  • an EU/EEA citizen
  • a non-EU/EEA citizen permanently resident in Finland
  • a non-EU/EEA citizen and have started your studies in the Master’s programme in question before the introduction of tuition fees into that particular programme
Please refer to the web site of the university you are applying to for detailed information on the tuition fees and the related scholarships.

'Institutional scholarships' available for tuition fees

Those higher education institutions that choose to collect tuition fees in their English-language Master's programmes are also providing institutional scholarship options for non-EU/EEA students enrolled in tuition-fee carrying Master's programmes. Theseinstitutional scholarships can not be applied for from CIMO, instead you must turn to the higher education institution in question for info and advice regarding these scholarships. Please see section ‘institutional scholarships’.
The CIMO scholarships are applicable only to Doctoral level studies and research in Finnish universities, and can not be applied to cover any tuition fees.

What will happen after the tuition fee trial period is over? Will there be fees in all universities?

At the moment, the simple answer is - no-one knows yet. After the trial period is over in 2014, its results will be assessed. After that, what decisions will be made based on the result of this assessment, remains yet to be seen. For tuition fees to continue after the trial period, a governmental decision and a change in legislation will be required; and no such decisions or changes have yet been made.

We will notify prospective students of any possible changes in tuition fee policies officiallyon this Study in Finland website, so keep an eye on the News section on our front page!

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